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Mentrida records several words that relate to weaving fibres into either blankets HABUL or  SAYAS (skirts). The Spanish word for weaver (tejedora) is used  in relation to the act of weaving as in “having someone weave for you” in NAGPAHABUL. Various actions  connected to the  act of  weaving are recorded using their native terms : SICAR – a foot movement while weaving  to help  keep the fabric tight, or even DAMO, which is to soak the fingers while weaving. LOSO is a specific term for “leaving the loom with the weaver.” Implements  include a PURAN which is a “tabilla en que estriva la tejedora” and a BOSALI is  a “lanzadera de telar.” (loom shuttle).

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Threaded Traditions: Textiles of Panay is a journey through a Bisayan island where weaving is a part of life. The documentary surveys the making of piña and cotton textiles from plant to finished product – traditional clothing for special occasions and everyday wear – and the embroidery of the upland Panay Bukidnon. 

Luna Mendoza Louise Isabel Mendoza, or Luna, is a young filmmaker who graduated from the University of the Philippines’ Film Institute.  Her first short film, Kanlungan, won Best Motion Picture at the Asian Youth Indie Film Festival in 2015. In 2017, she directed a film for the National Historical Commission’s Heroes Series.  Other works include The Last Tattooed Women of Tanudan and Kalinga Weaving: Irene Bawer. 

Cinematography  is by  Carlo Eliserio and RD Auto. The film is produced by Adelaida Lim for Museum Foundation of the Philippines and HABI, The Philippine Textile Council Inc.

Art and Practice

Norberto Roldan

In this video presenting  Incantations in the land of virgins, monsters, sorcerers and angry gods,  Norberto Roldan  speaks about his use of the Patadyong tradition of Negros, and how this  underpins the  philosphy of his art and  practice. 

Norberto Roldan was born in 1953 in Roxas City, Philippines. He earned a BA in Philosophy from St. Pius X Seminary, Roxas City; a BFA in Visual Communications from University of Santo Tomas, Manila; and an MA in Art Studies at University of the Philippines, Diliman. In 1986, he founded Black Artists in Asia, a Philippines-based group focused on socially and politically progressive practice. In 1990, he initiated the biennial VIVA EXCON (Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibition and Conference). Roldan is the current artistic director of Green Papaya Art Projects (est. 2000), an independent, artist-run initiative and alternative art space that supports collaboration and exchange between Asia-Pacific and Filipino artists.




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